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Garden City Health Limited has been helping the people of Canterbury, as well as National and International patients, remain active and healthy for over fifteen years.  We’re here to assist you with the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, correction and prevention of daily life injuries and conditions, sports injuries, musculoskeletal and neural problems. 

To achieve this, Garden City Health has built a team with a range of disciplines, all focused on ensuring our patients receive the most appropriate treatment, enabling them to keep active and performing to their full potential.  So whether you are an athlete, a worker, a mum, a new-born or entering retirement, we offer our knowledge and expertise to get you back doing what you enjoy most.


Our Chiropractors have experience in working with general and sports-specific patients. We focus on the management of injuries but also injury prevention and optimising performance. A major aspect of this is ensuring correct biomechanical range of motion, balance and strength through a chiropractic assessment followed by the appropriate corrections, treatment and exercises.

Massage Therapy

When you’re ready to increase your sports performance, or get some much needed stress relief and relaxation, the professionally trained and registered Massage Therapists at Garden City Health will provide for your sporting and therapeutic needs.         

Massage therapy relaxes muscles allowing for increased motion of joints and increased endurance of muscle

performance. To this end, Massage Therapy combines very well with both Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatments.

Garden City Health offers several types of massage including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or Lymphatic drainage.  Massage is customized to your specific needs and requirements so be sure to let your therapist know. 


Scientific discovery has made huge leaps forward in our understanding of the human body but is still yet to link all the answers to understand the health & illness process. Treatment style reflects this by balancing an evidenced based science model of health while still honouring the holistic nature that is Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

A treatment encompasses many styles of acupuncture to support injury repair, relieve pain, and assist recovery for a huge variety of conditions as well as cosmetic . Treatments may include muscular 'dry needling', medical acupuncture as well as traditional treatments such as cupping, massage, meridian treatment and general balancing for stress relief and core well being. 

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